Scarborough Suits San Francisco’s Finest

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Scarborough suits are revolutionizing the way San Francisco’s upper echelon operate, one businessman at a time. With over a decade of high-end industry experience in the Bay Area, each custom-made design brings a traditional, yet elaborate sense of style, grace and confidence. Rather than building a portfolio of quantity, Scarborough is built upon lifelong relations threaded with loyalty, trust and integrity. Every ensemble is hand-tailored to dominate both in the boardroom and off the field.

Financial power players, tech visionaries and the biggest names in athletics can all be found wearing Scarborough’s luxurious handmade pieces, in and around the Golden City. They’ve suited C-suite members of Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Merrill Lynch, Silicon Valley chairman John Rainey of PayPal and Xapo CEO Wences Casares, and even high caliber athletes of the 49ers, SF Giants and Golden State Warriors, including NBA Champion and MVP Steph Curry (pictured below).

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MVP Steph Curry with Founder, Christian Gardner

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A Scarborough man sets himself apart in his corporation, and certainly never enters a room wearing the same suit as anyone else. The company name pays homage to its Founder’s grandfather, and goes back several generations with connection to the wool and textile industry in Halifax, England. Their old-fashioned mindset speaks volumes, in today’s world built on speed and anonymity.

Founder of Scarborough, Christian Gardner was quoted, “I have had a passion for clothing and high-end style since I was a young man. Designing is a way of expressing myself, using my mind’s eye. It is amazing to see a finished suit on a thrilled client and to know it is my own custom creation.” 

Each Scarborough client represents a creative canvas to showcase a stunning suit and a fresh outlook on life. The process starts with a individualized consultation and measurement appointment to learn a client’s vision, personality and expectations. Scarborough works hand in hand, stitch by stitch, to create a personalized story of success, by incorporating the highest quality fabrics, finishing options, styles and designs.

Here’s what PayPal CFO, John Rainey, shared about his Scarborough experience:

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“I use Scarborough for virtually all of my clothing needs. High quality materials tailored to the perfect fit, and super attentive service from Christian.”

John Rainey, Chief Financial Officer and EVP Global Customer Operations at PayPal

Scarborough stands behind every custom creation. A style journey together is not complete until clients walk away looking like the success story they truly are, no matter how many fittings it takes. Scarborough suits are tailored for the man who knows what he wants and how to get it, whether an established power player, or a young professional looking to take his career next level.

Further questions? We welcome interested parties to Schedule a Free Consultation and receive 10% purchase of a tailor-made suit today! 

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